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It is difficult to define time in relation to the history of the game. The ancient Egyptians had badminton. Russians had roulette. Now we collectively have the Bishop of Battle.

The newest program is titled PREQUEL PLUS. Over 60 minutes of music on one CD.

PREQUEL PLUS is available through N.A.I.L. distribution, or through the band directly. Please e-mail for details.

Upon completion of this rigorous and rewarding program, the listener should be as prepared as is humanly possible for a non-simulation mode; i.e. a live concert performance.

There are many such trial events occuring in the near future (a happy time we have often looked back on with nostalgia).

Friday, July 30 at Uncle Hungry's in Corvallis, OR w/Automaton Adventure Series and The Planet The

Check out the trailer for DOOMED PLANET the independent film about Cults, the Millenium, and Red Meat featuring the music of Bishop of Battle...

Study, learn, bear witness. The game unfolds...
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