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The page was last updated 01/18/99

Vox & Bass: L Diablo.....Drums: Jason.....Guitar: Bob.....Guitar: Merlin

Unfortunately, GunPro no longer exists. There are some great recordings and some great memories, but no GP. Merlin is still in Bishop of Battle, and Lenny and Jason are in limbo. Bob is living in NewYork.

Thanks for supporting Gun Pro during its 3 year lifespan. If you have one of the shirts or records, hold on to it. I've heard that the 7"s are already being sold for collectors prices. If you're dying for a CD of the two albums that were never released, write to Merlin and bug him and bribe him. Perhaps one day those records will make it into the hands of those who care and remember.

The following is an excerpt from the lyrics to their last 7" record:

THE POPULATION CONTROL ANTHEM "...i consume the flesh of my victims and i tan their hides so that nothing is wasted i sit on a chair of bone my needle that sews flesh clothes is also carved from bone i make sure nothing is wasted i dont feel bad about things i have done i am just a beast of prey i kill maybe being pushed so far from the animalistic root of humanity and being forced to live in a society of unequal opportunities is the reason people revert back to exactly that animals and start to prey on the sick weak and morally corrupt and maybe your opinion of what these words mean differ but all points of views vary and even psychotics were raised in the same society as you a society that doesnt blame itself or the upbringing of the individuals in question so things never seem to change..."

GUN PRO recorded the following two records at Brady Greig's RESIN 67 studio. Both 7" were released independently and are splits with other great hardcore bands.

GP's Craw/Shadow of the Torturer b/w AZ's Just Another Machine/Condescend


GP's Population Control Anthem b/w HS's See Through You/Just Flow with the Pain

Contact info: Merlin Carson (503-236-1645)

or e-mail us if you're lazy at gunpro


Victory Records
Bishop of Battle

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