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We have documented our sounds and have archived them in CD format. If you are interested in owning one of these CDs and they are not available at your local record store you may order one or many for $5 each plus shipping and handling. See the home page for contact information or send an e-mail to

Prequel Plus (61:32)
Released: 09/10/98
Know Wave Records

The debut CD released about one year after the band's
birth, blends science and pop culture onto a 3.5" disk.
Over an hour of music and sound, it marks the begining
of the band's horizons. (See the press page for reviews.)
Song List:
1. Intro (1:22)
2. Coldward and Stormward (4:49)
3. Doomed Metropolis (4:25)
4. Monorail to Everywhere (5:32)
5. Id Ego (4:33)
6. Quickening of the Bishop (8:08)
7. Dark Lights the Dark (6:42)
8. Violent 3D Adventure (6:55)
9. RCP-90 (6:45)
10. Light Darkens the Light (5:52)
11. Pretty Chords for Evil Sleep People (6:07)

Moon Patrol (43:51)
Released: 03/20/99
Know Wave Records

Moon Patrol is the band that became Bishop of Battle. All four
members of B.O.B were in Moon Patrol along with two other
members and a slight instrument line up variation. This
hyper-pop CD contains all the songs Moon Patrol recorded
in it's two year existance.
Song List:
1. Black Orbs (2:44)
2. The Blues Song (2:29)
3. Crooked House (2:27)
4. Summer on Haunted Hill (4:09)
5. 20,000 Leagues (2:44)
6. Elephant Graveyard (2:17)
7. Nonsense for Two Pence (2:41)
8. Saturday Fright (3:53)
9. Patchwork Doll (3:32)
10. The Coke Song (3:27)
11. Live Wire (2:49)
12. Ann Droid (2:22)
13. Black Light (4:45)
14. Splinter Vision (Live) (3:32)